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Married Flutes: Press

Amos and Sheridan are fine flutists with musical integrity and a good sense for programming the light, unpretentious fare they like to play. Their selection of pieces is tasteful and interesting, with a pleasant mix of the familiar — Gabriel Fauré’s Sicilienne, Op. 78 and Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11 — with the less widely known but agreeable works of contemporary composers Peter Schickele, Gary Schocker, Steven Van Wye and Caesar Giovannini. With graceful accompaniment from pianist Richard Berent, Amos and Sheridan deliver smooth performances with controlled dynamics, balanced timbres and sincere expression.
This Los Angeles area duo concertizes under the name “Married Flutists” and they obviously have much affection for the flute, the works performed -- and each other. Their playing is lovely and very simpatico with tones that blend and complement each other. The literature is fresh, the performances are extremely well done, and the overall impression of the CD is one of sensual tone and romantic _expression. Included are the world premiere of the beautiful Dos Arbolitos by Steven Van Wye; Caesar Giovanni’s Theme for Quiet Day; Trevor Wye’s arrangement of Gabriel Faure’s Sicilienne and Canticle de Jean Racine; two works by Gary Schocker, Three Dances and the title track Lovebirds; and Trio Serenade by Peter Schickele. This is the kind easy listening classical music that will win a wider audience for chamber music. We need more of this style and level of playing. (J.E.P.)
Performances are solid. The flutists often use an alto for its deeper timbre. In all cases they blend beautifully and the piano accompaniment is tastefully supportive. It's a lightweight program but successful in its attempt to please rather than edify. Recommended, especially for the Schickele and the Dances of Schocker.
Next came the highlight of the show, the Married Flutes (Peter Sheridan and Lisa-Maree Amos).Together they churned out a mesmerizing rendition of Franz Doppler's "Andante and Rondo" - a light a cheerful form of music. In playing they were yin and yang, and it became evident where the title Married Flutes came from.
Wow! Thanks for the wonderful CD. It's great to hear the familiar pieces played so beautifully, and great to learn the unfamiliar ones. Dos Arbolitos is a knockout - very exciting rhythm with light charm.
Congratulations, and my compliments to your graphic artist for a sleeve that matches the music elegantly.
Daniel Dorff, composer (Sep 23, 2005)
I listened to your CD which is shimmering and sparkly and delightful! Very accomplished musicians needless to say. I thoroughly enjoyed it a play it for friends who are enjoying it as well.
Libbie Jo Snyder - email (Sep 23, 2005)
Lovebirds is exquisite!
I have enjoyed it and will continue to enjoy it so much. It is so beautifully musical and you have made me a convert, because flute music was never very interestingto me but it is now!
Linda Brown (Aug 20, 2005)
Our flute experience prior to knowing The Married
Flutes was primarily limited to classical orchestral
music. Lovebirds has beautifully expanded our
horizons. Peter, Lisa-Maree and Richard demonstrate
not only the breadth and depth of their musical talent
but also the versatility of the instruments they play.
There's something here for everyone. Bravo.
Dick and Judy Cobb (Aug 28, 2005)
Inspired performances thrill music-fest crowd at the Colorado Music Festival.
Opening the program was Wagner's moving "Siegfried Idyll," written for the composer's lover, Cosima.
Of note throughout the program were standout performances by principal Lisa-Maree Amos, flute.
The festival concludes Aug. 5.
Great flute album, virtuostic and swinging! Sheridon Stokes, flutist and UCLA Professor
Sheridon Stokes, international flutist and UCLA Professor (Aug 2, 2005)
"Lovebirds" is a recording filled with joy and marvelous musicianship. The Married Flutes, Lisa-Maree Amos and Peter Sheridan, with accompanist Richard Berent, share a standard of excellence that is inspiring. As always, Lisa-Maree and Peter have assembled a superb variety of musical styles and performed them beautifully. David Bell, composer.
David Bell - David Bell, LA composer (Aug 2, 2005)
My impression of the "Lovebirds" CD is that it is a refreshing
collection of mostly contemporary duets with a bent toward easy
listening that has real depth. The performances entertain as well as
inform, avoiding the pretentious stigma that much 20th century
classical music imposes on the listener.
Paul Reale, Composer and UCLA Professor (Aug 2, 2005)
"Sheer golden sound - the flutist Lisa-Maree Amos was outstanding"
Richard Dyer - Boston Globe - Bernard Rands "in the receding mist"

"Finely played by Lisa-Maree altogether excellent concert"
Michael White -Independent on Sunday - Aldeburgh Festival, England -
Anthony Payne "1940's Childhood"

"The second half of the program brought a stunning performance of Claude Debussy's Sonate for Flute, Viola and Harp. Flutist Lisa-Maree Amos brought magic to the Boulder Theater with crystalline playing" Colorado Daily - Debussy Sonate
"Sheridan's bright virtuoso flute...his skilled execution drew enthusiastic applause at the conclusion". Colony Memorial, MA